Yubico OTP key upload

Load Yubico OTP credential from CSV file.

Note: If the file contains multiple credentials, only the last entry will be used.

Enter information about your newly-personalized YubiKey.

Note: 'vv' prefix credentials are not guaranteed to have the same availability as production 'cc' prefix credentials. Yubico reserves the right to revoke any 'vv' prefix credential on the Yubico validation service (YubiCloud) at any time, for any reason, including if abuse is detected or if the credential is loaded onto a counterfeit YubiKey.

What's this?

You've probably found this site because you've configured your YubiKey with a custom Yubico OTP key. The validation server needs to know this key to authenticate you. This service lets you upload your key to Yubico's validation servers so that third-party services can authenticate you with Yubico OTP.